2015 10 22 Issue #04

This the Fourth bi-weekly newsletter of the 2015/16!

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Newsletter Contents:

  1. The Gordon Gazette (A message from the Principal Margaret Davidson)
  2. PAC News

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Gordon Gazette

October 22 2015, Newsletter #04

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Calendar Reminders

Friday Oct. 23 Professional Day (school is not in session)
Monday Oct. 26 PIE Meeting at Bayview at 7:00pm
Tuesday Oct. 27 Immunization Gr. 6’s
Monday Nov. 9 Make up Photo Day
Tuesday Nov. 10 Remembrance Day Assembly TBA
Wednesday Nov. 11 embrance Day (school is not in session)
Thursday Nov. 19 Kindergarten Hearing Test
Monday Nov. 23 PIE Coffee Morning
Friday Nov. 27 Professional Day (school is not in session)




Personalized Learning for Every Student

What is Personalized Learning?

“Personalized learning recognizes that no two students learn the same way or at the same pace. It also recognizes that for students to succeed in school – and to succeed after graduation – they must be engaged and invested in their learning. This means learning that is focused on the needs, strengths and aspirations of each individual young person. In a system that values personalized learning, students play an increasingly active role in designing their own education path as they develop and mature – while being held increasing accountable for their own learning success.”

What Students Will Learn

“Personalized learning combines the “how” and “what” of learning. A personalized approach recognizes that there are still core requirements and expectations. A strong focus must remain on foundational skills – reading, writing, oral language and numeracy – and there will still be a required body of knowledge in various subjects or disciplines. However, with personalized learning there will be increased emphasis on competencies. By applying their skills and knowledge in new, often interdisciplinary situations, learners will develop competencies such as:

➢ Critical thinking and problem-solving ➢ Collaboration and leadership
➢ Communication and digital literacy ➢ Personal and social responsibility
➢ Creativity and innovation ➢ Global and cultural understanding”

“BCED Plan 2015 Ministry of Education”


If you have a child in Grade 5 and are interested in a Late Immersion Program, General Gordon will be hosting an information meeting on Wednesday, January 13 from 7:00-8:00pm in the auditorium at Queen Elizabeth School. This is a great learning opportunity that promises intellectual challenge and fun learning a new language. For more information you can visit the following website www.vsb.bc.ca. You can also get the application online by going to the following website:


Registration will start in November and go until the end of January. It is not a first come, first serve basis but all registrations will be collected along with a written letter by the student which includes their reasons for wanting to participate in a Late Immersion program. A copy of their first grade 5 report card can be sent to the school after December. At General Gordon we have 60 spaces for Grade 6 students. If we have more applications there will be a draw in the beginning of February.

NOTE: We will be staying at the portables at the Queen Elizabeth site at 4102 West 16th Avenue until our new school is ready. Move in date TBA but planned for Fall 2016.


Do you have a child who is turning 5 in 2016? Now is the time to register them for Kindergarten! Registration opens on Nov. 2, 2015 and goes to Jan. 29, 2016. It is not a first come first served basis, but registration must be done in person at the Portable Main site. You must register at your English Catchment school PRIOR to registering for a choice program i.e. French Immersion.

Please bring with you the following: The child’s birth certificate, a proof of address – Purchase agreement or a property tax statement is preferred. If you are renting please ensure you bring not only your rental agreement but 1 other piece of ID showing your address. This can include, utility bills, gov’t issued documents or your driver’s license. We cannot just accept the rental agreement as proof this year. Also, please bring a copy of the child’s immunization records since birth, and immigration papers if applicable. For more information on Kindergarten registration please visit: http://www.vsb.bc.ca/kindergarten

If you know of any other families in our catchment that don’t have children at Gordon please make sure they know this information. We are anticipating it will be a very full school when we move into our new building in the Fall of 2016. Thus, we cannot accept anyone who is cross boundary this year.


We want to invite any keen 9-12 year olds to participate in the library’s TWAG (Tween Advisory Group). They meet monthly at the library to have their say in how their library is run, what they’d like to see in our collection, and what kind of programs they think we should offer. At Kitsilano they meet on Thursdays Oct 8, Nov 5, and Dec 3 at 3:45pm.

We’re also offering Reading Buddies again. Reading Buddies pairs a school-age child with a teen “big buddy” for a fun and informal reading practice once a week. The goal of the program is to give middle-years children opportunities to work with teen mentors, who will demonstrate their love of reading and help their buddies become lifelong readers. It runs for 7 weeks, starting October 23rd.

Please contact the Kitsilano Library Branch directly for more information on these programs.


Monday, October 26 is National and International School library Day. To celebrate, schools all over BC join together at 11:00 AM and read. We call it DEAR for Drop Everything And Read. Everyone reads! Students, teachers, administrators, and support staff. Gordon students will be doing so too.
Also, with the generous help of PAC, we are having 2 author visits in the next month - Ashley Spires (of the Binky books) for the Annex and Dan Bar-El (author of many different types of books) for the Main. More information on author visits coming soon.



If your child was here on Friday Oct, 9 your child should have had their individual picture taken. The photo packages have already gone home and the last day to bring them into the school office was Thur. Oct 22. If you want to order after that date please do so online. www.mountainwest.ca Ordering these pictures are optional. If you missed this opportunity photo retakes will be on Monday November 9th.



Gordon students were very excited to learn the basics about elections this month. We were fortunate to have grade 7 leaders from Gordon explaining some of each political party’s platform. QEA and Gordon at the Annex students participated in the Student Vote project, a Canada-wide initiative to give minors a chance to experience the electoral process. (http://studentvote.ca) Here is the result of the Student Vote at QEA:

➢ Conservatives 61
➢ Liberals 42
➢ Green Party 37
➢ New Democrats 18

I know many of you had age-appropriate election conversations with your students at home and I hope it created good family discussions.


Lunch hours at the Annex: 12:10-12:35 play outside
12:35-13:00 eat in the gym

I am amazed at the nutritious and delicious lunches families send with their child on a daily basis. Thank you for supporting healthy habits at QEA!

We also need your cooperation with the following:

  • Please send a spoon or fork with your child if they will need it to eat. We prefer not to hand out plastic utensils to students as it is costly and not environmentally friendly.
  • We do not have microwaves at school to reheat student lunches. Send food that does not need to be reheated, or place it in a thermos if needed.

HOT LUNCH Volunteers needed

If you're able to help with hot lunch any Monday or Thursday between 12:15 and 1:00 you can sign up using the following link:


General Hot Lunch Info:

Placing Orders:

  • You can place an order online up until 8:00pm the night before. (Orders are downloaded from Paypal at 8pm each evening). The website is http://www.cestmoncafe.com/
  • If you miss the 8pm deadline, you may phone Eric in the morning between 7:00am and 9:00am to place an order. The phone number for Eric is 604-364-8210. He is usually very accommodating!

Cancelling Orders due to illness, etc.:

    You can email Eric any time before 8:00pm the night before to cancel your order. The email address is cestmoncafe@gmail.com.
  • If you need to cancel in the morning, you can phone Eric between 7:00am and 9:00am to cancel your order.
  • You will receive a partial refund through Paypal, as some of the money is lost to administration fees.


You are invited to a Halloween Parade at the Annex on Friday October 30th, 9:00-9:20. Join us for a parade filled with cute, scary and artistic monsters. The parade will be in the front of the school if the weather is nice, if not it will be in the undercover area and/or gym.

Reminders about Halloween costumes:

  • all costumes must be safe to walk in; your child will spend the whole day in the costume, including lunch and recess so they should be able to run/walk/see easily
  • costumes are not necessary and your child may choose to participate or not
  • toy weapons such as guns and swords are not appropriate to bring at an elementary school; they will be kept in the office if they are part of a child’s costume
  • we have many kindergarten students (almost 60!) and some of them are very scared of gory costumes, so please consider them when choosing how to dress your child.


At the Annex, students go outside for lunch and recess, rain or shine! It’s a great way to stay active and increases alertness in the afternoon. Please send your child with boots, rain gear and umbrella on rainy days. Feel free to leave such supplies labelled in your child’ classroom instead of carrying it daily. We have an undercover area and students will be asked to stay in the undercover area if they are not dressed properly for the weather.


We have a mountain of unidentified clothing at the Annex in our lost in found (near the French library.) Please come by regularly to pick up your child’s clothing. All unclaimed items are sent to the Salvation Army in late December and late June.

We strongly recommend that you label all the following:

➢ jackets
➢ hoodies
➢ lunch boxes
➢ water bottles



We will be selling pizza slices every Friday which will be available for all students (main school only). It is a fundraising effort for the Grade 7's Quebec trip. We will sell until we run out - hopefully we will have enough pizza for everyone, but we don't know how popular it will be, so please pack food with your child so no one goes hungry.
There are no order forms, cash only. $3 one slice. $5 for two. Plain cheese pizza and pepperoni.


On Friday, October 23 British Columbia has a provincial wide professional day where there are a variety of educational opportunities for staff to participate in. School will not be in session on this date.


Karen Beaty, our teacher librarian is starting a leadership club for grades 6/7. They will be focusing on various causes, both local and global, throughout the school year. To kick-off we will be participating in National UNICEF Day (October 31st). The students have chosen the goal of raising $500 for a new water pump. We will be having a Halloween Dance instead of a Halloween parade between recess and lunch on October 30.

Leadership students will be coming to classes to talk about the cause, the events and to collect donations for the dance. Students will not be required to purchase a ticket as the dance will be held during school time. However, we are hoping to get lots of donations.


Do you have a Gr. 7 student who is interested in going to a Mini School in September 2016? If so, please take note of the following important dates: Deadline for Registration for the exam is Nov. 15, 2015 – No Exceptions.

Go to https://www.vsb.bc.ca/programs/min-school-registration to sign up from Nov. 7 - 15, 2015 ONLY.

Children can come to the Gordon office and ask Ms. Heidi for their PEN if they do not have it. It can only be given to them personally or via an email from the parent. I cannot for privacy give this to you verbally over the phone. The Assessment date is Nov. 26, 2015 for those that have registered online. If you miss the registration deadline you will not be able to take the assessment test.


We would like to start a chess club and are still looking for a parent that could help out one lunch hour a week.


Every two months we will be going through the Lost and Found and donating the items to Big Brothers. The next pick up will be the end of November. If there is a parent that would like to volunteer to do this please let Ms. Davidson know at mdavidson@vsb.bc.ca. Also a simple way to get your items back is to LABEL them!


With every pumpkin sold at Choices, a small percentage will come to Gordon students. The school uses this money to help with students who are not able to afford field trips, camp, supplies etc. Thank you for your participation in this program and thanks to Choices who are giving back to their community.

PIE MEETING- (Partners of Inclusive Education)

Our next meeting will be at Bayview on Monday, October 26 at 7:00pm. Our guest speaker will be Doug Matear (District Vice-Principal, Student Support Services).



'The direct drive this year will be taking place between 16 October - 16 November. The PAC works hard to add value to the school to enrich your child (children’s) education, through purchasing new supplies, sports equipment, supporting cultural performances and enhancing technology. The PAC would appreciate donations from General Gordon School families, between $50 - $100. More information on the direct drive will be coming soon.'


Monday, November 2nd from 7-8:30 pm at David Eby's MLA office 2909 West Broadway at Bayswater.

Come learn more about plans for a fabulous new playground and green space at the new school. We are formulating a plan to raise $145,000 and we need everyone's help. You do not have to volunteer for anything - really! - though we would love it if you did.

RSVP and questions to parent-volunteer Sheila at sheilakirkby@gmail.com

More information at http://gordonplayground.strikingly.com/


Shopping Card orders due Monday, November 2nd. Shop where you already shop and raise money for the Gordon Playground. More information at http://gordonelementary.ca/Shopping%20Card

Safeway shopping cards are available at PAC and PIE meetings, at the Coffee Mornings or any time by request. Gordon PAC raises $8 for every $100 spent. Cash or cheque only. $20/$50/$100/$250.


Do you shop at Cobs Bakery at Broadway & MacDonald or 4th & Vine? Say you support General Gordon school and Cobs will donate 5% of your purchase to the Gordon Playground fund. Tell your friends, family and neighbours. More information at http://gordonelementary.ca/New_Playground_Fundraisers